offline_bolt 300 Moč KM
av_timer 50 Hitrost MpH
face 10 Max. število oseb
directions_boat 800 Teža KG

When you see Manta 700 you can already tell that it is very specious boat.

In the lenght of 7 meters it has big lying surfaces on the bow and stern. Bellow soft cushions made of special foam and quality sky, are storage comores. On the middle is well isolated storage for drinks, fruits,..

On the bow, there is a comora for anchor with chain.

In the back is a large swimming platform with “pull out” telescopic stairs, so one can pull himself out of the water without problem.

Shower is also there.

Riding waves with this rib boat is smoothly, since it conquers all weather conditions.

Internal engine makes it well maneuvered and easy to park.

With Manta 700 you can embark on a longer cruise between islands or you can throw the anchor in one of coves. It is also suitable for sports like skiing, tubing,…


Lenght : 6,95 m

Width : 2,68 m

Comores : 6

Maximum number of persons : 10

Tube size: 0.57m

Tube Material: Hypalon Orca 1760Dtx

Pressure in Tube: 0.20 bar

Deck and hull material: poliester (vakuumska infuzija)

Weight: 800kg

Fuel : 190 L

Maximum power of the engine: 230Kw/300Hp

Drive: Z Leg

Certificate: Germanischer Lloyd