offline_bolt 115 Moč KM
av_timer 48 Hitrost MpH
face 10 Max. število oseb
directions_boat 580 Teža KG

The Manta 555 has very good seaworthiness as its precision-formed body allows it to glide smoothly across the sea.

High quality hypalon tubes provide stability and safety. Due to the new manufacturing technique, vacuum infusion, the plastic part of the boat is much stronger and lighter, so it can fight heavy conditions without difficulty. At 5.5m length there are enough lying space for all family members. In the front there is an anchor and rope space, under the soft cushions there are 2 spacious dry chambers for personal storage, as well as a large storage area under the seat.

The engine is new and very quiet, with low power consumption. It also has all the required navigation equipment. You can safely take long day trips or explore the beautiful bays with sandy beaches, where you will spend precious moments in peace. It is also suitable for water skiing or tubing.


Lenght : 5,60 m

Width : 2,35 m

Weight : 580 kg

Material : Poliester (Vakuumska infuzija)

Tube Size : 0,57m Ø

Tube Material: Hypalon Orca 1760Dtx

Tube pressure: 0.20 bar

Hull and deck Material: poliester (vakuum infusion)

Maximum number of passengers: 10

Maximum engine power: 85KW/115HP

Certificate: Germanischer Lloyd

Color combination of Manta 555 makes sure that the rib boat looks atractive and luxurious. Great layout, navigability and attractive rollbar with large shade that covers almost half of the boat are reasons for its populatity among users.

Console is placed on the right side of the boat, so one can easily pass from the bow (front of a vessel) to the stern (rar of a vessel). Console is big enough to have all the necessary instruments placed on. Inox handles are attached around the console.

Good looking wheel, in colors that goes well together with a boat, is placed on the console, together with switchboard, navigation and waterproof radio. On the front of console is a storage.

Behing the console there is a driver´s seat, which, due to its position, offers a good view over the boat. Under the seat is a storage space. Behind the seat is a bench with backrest, that can be folded down to get spacious lying area.

At the front of the boat is a large space for the storage purpose. Above storage space are boat cushions. Anchor is placed in the bow of the vessel.