We are focused to provide maximum quality of our boats. We use modern technique  and we are focused to maximize the performance, comfort and quality of the final product to offer our costumers the best value.  Each boat is story for itself and is made according the wishes of the customer. We also gime much of the emphasis on innovations and keeping up with new trends. We could also say that we are always one step aheat of our competition.

Vacuum infusion

Majority of recreational vessels is made of plastic. Plastic is a material, that have a very good properties in nautics. Of corse it has to be quality manufactured. There are several ways to make plastic. We use the Vacuum infusion, which gives us the best results in terms of quality.

Production process

The first thing that is needed and is also very importatnt is mould. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to one. It is the base for making the final product.

We are making the mold together with an expert in the field. He cooperates and based on his and our experience, experience in actual navigation, makes the mold.

Based on mould, we can start making a final product. The production is divided into three parts. The first and second parts of the production involve special materials that are applied to the mould. The third part involves the bonding of special glass fibers intended for vacuum infusion. There are several types of fiber. Which type we use, depends on the plan, prescribed by the expert.

When the fiber is placed, we continue by laying a vacuum net and special spirals to the mould. Then we seal all together with a vacuum bag and turn on the vacuum pump, which operates prescribed amount of time. Then the foil and mesh are removed and coated with special material for covering the plastic.