offline_bolt 300 Moč KM
av_timer 53 Hitrost MpH
face 10 Max. število oseb
directions_boat 950 Teža KG

Just like Manta 700, also Manta 700R Jet, looks spacious at first glance. The Jet drive makes it really fun. Turning at full speed, quick stops, turning in place and quick accelerations makes Manta 700R Jet even more manageable and the ride even more fun and unforgetable.

At the lenght of 7 meters it has large lying areas on the bow and stern. Under the soft cushions, that are made of special foam and hight quality skai, there are storage chambers in the middle and an insulated space that serves as a cooling area for drinks, fruits,..

In the front is a chamber for anchor with chain.

Behind it a large platform with “pull out” telescopic stairs that allow one to easily climb out of the water.

There is a drawer on the stern that serves as a storage for wet things such as fins, masks,..

There is also a shower.

With this boat you can conquer all weather conditions and you can embark on a longer cruise between the islands or throw the anchor in one of the coves with sandy beaches. It is also suitable for sports acftivities like skiing or tubing,..


Lenght: 6,95 m

Width : 2,68 m

Comores : 6

Max. no. of passengers : 10

Tube size: 0.57m

Tube material: Hypalon Orca 1760Dtx

Tube pressure: 0.20 bar

Hull and deck material: poliester (vakuumska infuzija)

Weight: 800kg

Gorivo : 190 L

Maximum engine power: 230Kw/300Hp

Engine: Alamarine Jet 245

Certificat: Germanischer Lloyd

Manta 700 R JET looks very luxury, especialy couse of its color combination and functional layout. The first thing you can notice, is nice roollbar with tenda that covers almost the half of the rib boat.

On the console, you can see all the instruments and motor comands. On both sides of the console, there is enough space to pass by to the other side of the boat. On the console there is also a strong handle made of inox and protective windshield.

On the one side of the console there is a storage space and on the other side there are small doors that leads to electrical wiring. Beside the counters and Simrad navigation, there is also a waterproof radio with a bluetooth or USB connection.

The drivers seat is behind the console. It enables a good view over the boat. The storage place is placed under the seat. In the front of console is large lying place and a large storage blace beneath it.

Big lying space is above engine place. We can also extend it, if we flip over the backrest. The large space for engine allowes access from all sides an makes it easy to service.

On the stern, there is  big platform with folding stairs. Biuld in shower is on the side of the platform. On both sides are berths.