Hight quality of the body and its low weight is the conseqzence of vakuum infusion production and also the tubebs, which are made of the highest quality material - haypalon ORCA, are making a good combination of stable, reliable and unsinkable vessel.


Manta JET

The abilities to make turns at full speed, fast stops, turning the boat around in a place and rapid accelerations, make sure that the rib boat is even more manageable and fun to drive.

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With a lot of exepriances of renting the rib boats, we had a vision to produce rib boats that will offer everything that one needs for safe, comfortable and unforgetable vacations.



We have different models in out offer, in a size from 3 to 7 meters with eather a inside or outside engine. We have CE certificate for all models, so you can be sure that our rib boats are quality and made by regulations.